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Work experience

Lead Narrative Designer - Disney Getaway Blast                   Gameloft

August 2018 - present

Conceptualized original story, consults on concept art and marketing materials including televised trailers. Mediates and organizes between Disney and Gameloft studios in order to conceptualize, pitch, and personally write all character dialogue and UI text in the game. Does extensive research to ensure the most accurate character voice possible in accordance with Disney’s guidelines.





Narrative Designer                                                                    Gameloft

February 2017 - present

Conceptualizes, designs, and writes continuous narrative for mobile video games, including Asphalt 8 & 9, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Modern Combat, Order & Chaos, and several upcoming projects. Currently Lead Narrative Designer on Disney Getaway Blast, Dragon Mania Legends, Harvest Friends, Order & Chaos 2: Redemption, and Blitz Brigade, as well as several upcoming projects. Establishes the tone of the game and conveys it to the player through UI, dialogue, and design. Works cross-discipline with other writers, designers, and artists, and organizes multi-national teams through a narrative-focused lens to create a high-quality gameplay experience.










Co-Developer, Co-Story Editor, Writer                                   Crunchyroll

September 2017 - October 2018

Co-developed, successfully pitched, and served as co-story editor on Crunchyroll’s first original anime production High Guardian Spice. Wrote pitch documents, engaged in brainstorms, developed and established world and character details, participated in VO sessions, gave notes on and edited one-sheets, scripts, and assorted written materials. Developed and wrote several initial comic chapters in cooperation with a company editor before the series was picked up for television.

2010 - present
2010 - present

Writing Tutor                                                                              Chegg

2016 - 2017

Tutored students in any and all forms of writing, from essays to screenplays. Offered critique, advice, and helped establish core writing techniques such as story structure, proper spelling, and grammar.

Graphic Designer                                                                       Sacatelle

July 2016 - September 2016

Designed creative, fun, brand-faithful reusable bags for a menagerie of companies. Worked closely with sales, and the companies themselves, to see their vision through and inspire them with unique designs. Has designed for companies such as Harmless Harvest, Serendipity 3, Dental365, Fidelity, H2rOse, Chocolate Moonshine, Poo~Pourri, and XCVI.

Editor, Writer & Personal Assistant                                         Baboon Animation

​2014 - 2016

Managed administrative affairs including bookkeeping, payments, and general organization. Brainstormed stories, wrote or edited premises, outlines, springboards, treatments, scripts, and promotional material such as articles and pitches. Has done work on series such as PEG + CAT (PBS Kids), Angry Birds Toons (Rovio), Rock Angels (Cybergroup Studios), Insectibles (One Animation) Kit ^n^ Kate (Toonbox), Osmar: The Heel of the Loaf (44 Toons), Rudy the Cloud Boy (Tomavistas), Oddbods (One Animation), Rise of the Terracotta Warriors (Dragon Dreams), pitches for Nick Jr, and several articles published in Animation Magazine.

Children's Book Illustrator                              Prince and Magic Frog Publishing

​2009 - 2011

Drew a rough storyboard of 55 scenes based on a draft of "Prince and Eddie", written by Mr. Kashif Latif. Then penciled and inked the illustrations. Watercolored 50% of the work.

Freelancer                                                                                  ClaireyTales

2009 - present

Has worked on many projects including character design and storyboards for video games and animation, articles for Animation Magazine, writing and editing for games, film scripts, project pitches, and graphic novels. Personal projects include an independent horror/romance visual novel, writing and editing for a comic version of High Guardian Spice, developing a picture book, writing and boarding an animated short titled Reception (top 12% winning script in Austin Film Festival and winning script of Macoproject Film Festival), developing and pitching a miniseries, and dabbling in apparel design.

Digital Arts Camp Counselor                    ECFS Computer Arts & Design Camp

​2007 - 2008

Taught and assisted a group of third graders with programs such as Adobe Photoshop, iMovie, and iStopMotion. Worked with them on several creative projects involving illustration, apparel design, and movies.


New York University (NYU)

​2010 - 2014

Film & Television Major - Animation Concentration

Tisch School of the Arts

BFA, Honors

School of Visual Arts

Comic and Life Drawing courses

Ethical Culture Fieldston School

Class of 2010

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